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Dance Classes are offered in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical/contemporary, and combination classes during the school year. We also offer musical theatre classes. Classes meet once a week. All classes begin with a very important warm-up and stretch. During the first half of the year, emphasis is on technique. The latter half is spent preparing a routine for the annual dance celebration performance. This routine utilizes the technique learned during the year.

Predance classes are for students ages 3 through 4, Level 1 is for students ages 5-6, Level 2 classes are for students ages 7-8, Level 3 is for students ages 9-10, Level 4 is for students ages 11-12, Level 5 is for students ages 13-15, and Level 6 is for students ages 16-18. We also are offering Adult classes.

The age recommended for each “level” is a suggestion. Parents can choose to have their child dance up or down a level and/or choose a class that best fits their child’s experience level and interests. The goal is that students would be challenged, but still enjoy the experience of learning. If you have questions regarding the best level and/or dance style for your child, please call The Dance Academy at (253)848-8876.

Predance Combo Classes 3/4

Predance 3/4 are classes for 3 and 4 year old beginning dancers combining ballet and tap. It is an introduction to dance styles and provides a fun and positive class environment for children to learn and grow.

Level 1

Classes combine primary ballet and tap for 5 and 6 year olds. Basic technique is emphasized. Children are prepared them for future classes by learning to follow and perform combinations, while maintaining a strong focus on the enjoyment of dance.

Dance Style Descriptions


Ballet is a graceful form of dance that tells a story, expresses a feeling, or reflects the music as it is performed. It is the most technically precise style of dance and dating back to the 1800’s, combining structure and technicality, as well as grace and expression.


Tap dance is a rhythmic dance done with small metal plates attached to the bottom of the dancer’s shoes that make a “tapping” sound when they touch a hard floor. Tap involves rhythmic patterns and percussion along with many technical moves.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a high-energy form of dance that incorporates much individuality and rhythm into the executed movements. There is a lot of room for personal style and creativity to come through in hip hop, and it is much more diverse rather than structured when compared to most other varieties of dance.


Lyrical, also referred to as contemporary, is a modern form of dance which combines aspects of both ballet and jazz. Although it contains pieces from ballet and jazz, there are many things that make lyrical different. Many movements and body angles are unlike either jazz or ballet and its expressive and flowing movements are what make it unique.


Jazz is a form of dance that builds on the technique of ballet but adds a more rhythmical tone and allows opportunity for personal expression and style throughout. Jazz is always evolving, but also maintains roots within the classical jazz style.

Adult Classes

The Dance Academy now offers day and evening Adult Classes. Please call for more information.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater classes feature singing, dancing and acting specific to live performance. Breath support is emphasized and students learn the correct way to use their voice to sing and deliver dialogue. Learning how to deliver lines with proper inflection, how to use emotion to convey the mood of a song, and how to use dance and body movement to deliver the best character interpretation possible are all a part of Musical Theater instruction.



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