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The Dance Academy of Puyallup is pleased to offer adaptive classes for students experiencing special needs. At this time we offer a pre-teen/teen adaptive hip hop class. We will offer a class for younger students and or in different styles based on interest. Please inquire at the desk or send an email to TDApuyallup@comcast.net to express interest in an adaptive class for your child.

Ballet is a theatrical art form using dancing, music, and scenery to convey a story, theme, or atmosphere.

Hip hop is a high-energy form of dance that incorporates much individuality and rhythm into the executed movements. There is a lot of room for personal style and creativity to come through in hip hop, and it is much more diverse rather than structured when compared to most other varieties of dance.

Tumbling class is the act, practice, or art of performing acrobatic tumbles, especially on a mat or on the ground.

A style of contemporary, modern or jazz dance that has emerged from the fusion of one of those three types of dance with ballet and pop music (mainly). It combines simple choreographic vocabulary with technically difficult moves, in an expressive style that follows the lyrics of songs and is often interpreted in the short solo format.

Pointe teaches students to learn to be able to get on a position on the extreme tips of the toes.

To ensure aspiring ballerinas are ready for pointe, many schools require students to take pre-pointe, a class separate from regular ballet technique. The curriculum allows teachers ample time to help students build the strength and alignment necessary for pointe work. It also helps them assess readiness, which lessens the risk of injury once students are in their shoes.

Flexibility can be improved with stretching exercises. While stretching does not increase your muscle strength, it is an important part of reducing injury risk and soreness that results from activity.

Tap dance is a rhythmic dance done with small metal plates attached to the bottom of the dancer’s shoes that make a “tapping” sound when they touch a hard floor. Tap involves rhythmic patterns and percussion along with many technical moves.

Tumbling class is the act, practice, or art of performing acrobatic tumbles, especially on a mat or on the ground.


We offer dance instruction in: ballet, pointe, pointe prep, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, tap, musical theater, heels and legs, turns and leaps, stretch and strength, tumbling, and ballroom. We also offer an adaptive dance class for students experiencing a special need.
Classes meet once a week. All classes begin with a very important warm-up and stretch. During year recreational classes emphasis technique and twice a year we prepare a routine for the dance celebration in December and June. Routines featured in recitals utilizes the technique learned during the year.
Pre-dance classes are for students ages 3 through 4, Level 1 is for students ages 5-6, Level 2 classes are for students ages 7-8, Level 3 is for students ages 9-10, Level 4 is for students ages 11-12, Level 5 is for students ages 13-15, and Level 6 and 7 are for students 16-19. We also offer an adult ballroom class Teen classes are for students 12-18 with limited dance experience. Students enrolled in a teen class are able to learn with their peers at an introductory to intermediate level. 
The age recommended for each level is a suggestion. Skill level will determine final placement. Skill level will be evaluated by an instructor during the first class. Students may dance up or down a level in a class that best fits their experience level and interests based on the instructor’s evaluation. The goal for students is to be challenged and enjoy the experience of learning.
A class indicating two styles is a combo class. Combo classes are offered for young students at level 1 & 2. Dancers are able to learn two styles in one class.
Typical combo classes are:


 Pre-Dance classes are for students ages 3 through 4 years old.


Level 1- 5-6 years old
Level 2 -7-8 years old


Level 3 – students ages 9-10


Level 4 – students ages 11-12


Level 5 – students ages 13-15


Level 6 and 7 are for students ages 16-19 – Pre-Professional Level 


Teen – students 12-18 -Limited Dance Experience  


Adult classes – Students 19 and up