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    The Dance Academy

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    Yes! It is true! You can take a week’s worth of classes at The Dance Academy free if you are a new or returning dancer, Try any style of dance at your level over the course of a 7 day period.


    How do you start taking trial classes? Take a look at our online schedule. Check for the day, time, and class name you would like to take.


    What level should you choose?


    We offer a guide based on age, but after level 2, it is really experience and skill level that can be evaluated by teachers. Take the level that best fits your age or ask at the desk for guidance on the level that would be the best fit based on your level of experience. If you need additional assistance, call before coming in for a trial class to get direction on the best fit for your level of experience. Call (253)848-8876.
    Offering a week of classes enables you to try more than one level if needed and to try classes in styles you might not have had experience in.
    Guide for Levels of Classes
    • Age 3-4 Pre-Dance Classes
    • Age 5-6 Level 1
    • Ages 7-8 Level 2
    • Age 5-8 Level 1/2 
    • Age 9-10 Level 3 Based on Experience 
    • Age 7-10 Age 2/3
    • Tween and Teen – Teen Level Classes 
    • Teen Classes are for students that may be returning to dance or crossing over from another sport and are in their teen years. The typical age range for a teen class is 12-17.
    • Age 11-12 Level 4 Based on Experience
    • Age 13-14 Level 5 Based on Experience 
    • Age 15 and up Based on Experience
    After you choose the class(es) and level of classes you would like to take, stop by the desk 15 minutes before the first class you are trialing and pick up entrance tickets for all classes on that day you are trialing. Any day that you are trialing classes, be sure to follow this protocol. 
    Be sure to present your entrance ticket to your teacher.
    When you week of trail classes concludes, be sure to stop by the desk to register for the classes you plan to take.
    Classes you register for will be pro-rated based on the date during the month when you are registered for the class.